Level 5-16 Walkthrough for Mighty Hoax in Angry Birds

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This is my walkthrough for the Mighty Hoax level 5-16 for the iPhone game Angry Birds.

You can get all three stars in this level by only using four angry birds.

wpid 5 16 Level 5 16 Walkthrough for Mighty Hoax in Angry Birds

  1. This is a fun one, but frusterating. The key is to have the birds smash through the triangular rock on the left side of each pile. Aim the first angry bird at the highest pile of rocks (off screen). This will cause the biggest collapse.
  2. Aim the second angry bird at the next highest pile of rocks. Try to smash the pig on the upper right deck.
  3. Aim the third angry bird at the next highest pile of rocks. Take out the pig on the far right.
  4. Aim the fourth angry bird at the lowest pile of rocks to take out the last pig.

If this strategy worked for you, or even if it didn’t, please leave a comment below and let me know.

If you like this post, please let me know by clicking the +1 button.
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30 Responses to Level 5-16 Walkthrough for Mighty Hoax in Angry Birds

  1. Ricklord83 says:

    i made it with two birds the first to the higest and the second to the thirds plattform

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  3. Casey says:

    Worked great!!! 123,660

  4. Eliz. says:

    This was the worst. I couldnt get my bombs to stay on the rock pile. Had 2 birds ledt over and just ONE STAR ?!? Then I read the tip AND remembered you can detonate the birds you dont have to wait until they go off. Three stars.

  5. Paula Bazan says:

    Your hints are the best. I got three stars on 5-16 only after reading the hint that it was necessary to smash through the triangular rock on the left side of each pile. Thanks!!!

  6. Joe McKenzie says:

    Fuck. This. Level.

    That is all.

  7. Julie says:

    Yea right!! I can’t get the highest pile of rocks consistently at all. The lower pile I can aim using the bird next in line as a reference point. The next pile is somewhat the same. The bottom pile seems pretty worthless. This is hands down the most frustrating level I’ve played and I’ve been all the way through the game. Three stars will be nothing but luck.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Used same principle however did it in 2 birds but only 2 stars.

  9. mseh says:

    This f’in game is going to drive me to drink… 108,950 is my best so far.

    When the bird hits the top pile it either doesn’t push them far or pushes them backward. The second from the top is the best, but mostly the bird falls backward.

    This sucks. Sometimes the birds “hesitate” as they fly.

    Got all the pigs with one once. Still one f’in star because of the lack of destruction. I hate this game.

  10. Tommie Nash says:

    Man what there telling u to do is hard just do this aim the first bird at the second highest platform than the next bird at the first one and if there still pigs after that choose the platform that will get them guanteed 3 stars easy as 1 2 3 thanks

  11. gina says:

    You’re right very frustrating. I had all but 2 left to knock out. Finally got them all with one bird bomb left 113768 thanks for the tip!

  12. Sandy says:

    Thought I would never get this. Working on it off and on for months. You suggestion worked. 115070 points and THREE stats!!!

  13. indystacey says:

    Thanks! Love your tips.

  14. John says:

    The only way to get through this level is to bash forward. You can’t get the birds to land on the rock pile. If you do they just blow backwards towards the other birds. It’s not hard to get through this level but only with one-star. Those that claim otherwise are probably using the iPad, can’t be done with the iPhone.

  15. Louis says:

    Did it with the 3 first birds as directed. 115620pts & 3 stars

  16. Kenn says:

    Thx for this advice. After trying this method, i get the 3 stars the 3.rd time i tried :)

  17. Sheila says:

    I scored 112970 and still only get 2 stars….HELP!

    • Mickey says:

      Need 113,000 to get three stars. BTW, my high score on this level is slightly over 130,000. Has anybody topped this?

  18. Chris says:

    Tricky level. Total destruction is more important than leftover birds (only 10k points each where average of 37k+ points per bird needed for 3 stars). 3 or 4 perfect shots plus a load of luck needed. Driving me insane! (112,030 best I’ve managed so far)

  19. loup3 says:

    Thanks for all your advice.

  20. wtf omg says:

    ooooh…. i got it! 114880 and i got 3 stars, you have to keep firing the birds WHILE the action is happening. dont wait until the ice blocks settle before firing off the next bird. i got them in 3 birds.

  21. wtf omg says:

    omg wth, i killed them all with ONE bird. and i only got 98k points, one star T_T

  22. Stabby McStabz says:

    What the hell is the required score on this freakin’ level!!
    Got 112,880 and still only 2 stars!
    Slightly annoyed birds.

  23. KB says:

    Got all pigs with free angry birds only 1 star.

    • KAB says:

      did it with two birds and got one star, got it with 3 and got one star, there is no way I’m going to succeed with just one bird-wish there was more consistency with these games

  24. jon says:

    I beat it with two birds..aim the first bird at the lower corner of the first triangle to get the rocks to explode and get the farthest pig

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