Level 4-9 Walkthrough for Mighty Hoax in Angry Birds

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This is my walkthrough for the Mighty Hoax level 4-9 for the iPhone game Angry Birds.

You can get all three stars in this level by only using two angry birds.

wpid 4 9 Level 4 9 Walkthrough for Mighty Hoax in Angry Birds

  1. Aim the first angry bird at a high arc to just take out the pig with the helmet.
  2. Aim the second angry bird at the wooden blocks of the take to take out the last two pigs.

If this strategy worked for you, or even if it didn’t, please leave a comment below and let me know.

If you like this post, please let me know by clicking the +1 button.
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27 Responses to Level 4-9 Walkthrough for Mighty Hoax in Angry Birds

  1. Maybe you can write next articles referring to this article. I want to read more things about it! Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Extremely helpful info particularly the last part :)

  2. shikha sharma says:

    i have been on dis for days now..ur suggestion also didnt help!!

  3. Chole says:

    worked great, but i used the first red bird to bounce of the longest lead bar by aiming it to the tip,it bounced up and hit the helmet pig…takes a few tries but at least i got 3 stars 45,580

  4. Amanda says:

    Thank You SOOO much. I had been on this for days I finally got it, it took me an extra bird cause I had issues with the arch but I got it. Thanks again so much.

  5. Aish says:

    I’ve tried add techniques listed!! D:<

  6. hazel says:

    Aurgh! I can’t do it despite trying all your tips. These Angry Birdsmake me so angry!

  7. Patrick says:

    Got it in one shot by hitting the turret dead on. The tank rolled backward, then back forward, killing all the pigs and giving three stars and 53,240 points!

  8. SJ says:

    You can do it with one, overshoot the tank and bounce off of the block behind it, pushing the tank forward until it tips over. 50180 with one bird

  9. billtheripper says:

    i did a similar trick to tbose suggesting to hit the turret. i hit it dead on n killed the pig in the top, then the tank rolled back till it hit the block then forwars until it collapsed, killing the remaining pigs. killed 3 pigs with one bord heh

  10. maarten says:

    i got tree stars whit only one bird aim for the horizontal stone beam left of the pig above (the one that sticks out)
    try not to kill the pig on the left at once

  11. max says:

    i use your walkthroughs all the time & they always work-thank you!

  12. ally says:

    I have been on this one for days! Sooo frustrating but will try again.

  13. ally says:

    Cant get the high arc,would be great to see pic of finger pulling birds back! Then angle can be established.

  14. Scott says:

    Another option if you are having trouble:

    If you hit the end of the tank’s gun barrell right it will kill the pig in the turret and the bird will bounce off the gun point and hit the pig behind the artillery. Then just send the second (yellow) bird just under the gun into the pig in the belly of the tank. 3 stars!

  15. Mingan says:

    I got 3 stars with a different strategy. I aimed first bird at the tank’s barrel. Top pigs gets hit and the bird bounces back to the first pig. The whole structure moves back and than comes back and falls on itself. Then I aimed the second bird at very high angle and powered it through.

  16. Jake says:

    u suck it didnt work @ all
    When u learn how 2 play angry birds call me

  17. Angela says:

    I’m having a really hard time with this one. I can’t seem to get the right angle on the first arc to get that first little pig, then I tried what James said with landing on the tank turret, and while that got most of the pigs I still couldn’t get the rest. Up till now these have all helped a lot! Thanks so much for putting these out there! I partially blame my nephew and sis-in-law for getting my hubby and son started on this…. now I’m stuck. What’s a gal to do?

    • Amphimir the Bard says:

      pull the red bird _down_ until it almost touches the slingshot pole, then release

  18. crystal says:

    So simple! Worked like a charm. Thank you so much!

  19. james says:

    Actually I found a better way. If you hit the end of the “tank turret” with the first angry bird, you can get all the pigs at once!

  20. Keona says:

    WORKED GREAT !!! 3 stars!!!! Thanks I was on that bored for 2 days..lol

  21. rachel says:

    thanks-your walkthrough worked again! have u bookmarked on my computer!

  22. tina says:

    Thank you ! I use your hints EVERY time I need help! You rock.

  23. dan says:

    Two birds, 3 stars! Awesome!!

  24. Michael says:

    Great! I’ve been trying to do this for ages. It worked perfectly. You just need to be quite accurate to do it! Thanks!!

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