Level 3-21 Walkthrough for Poached Eggs in Angry Birds

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This is my walkthrough for the Poached Eggs level 3-21 for the iPhone game Angry Birds.

High Score: 115,850
Difficulty: Hard

You can get all three stars in this level by only using six angry birds.

3 211 Level 3 21 Walkthrough for Poached Eggs in Angry Birds

  1. Aim the first angry bird at the inside corner , just past the second helmeted pig. You want to take out one helmeted pig, and one other pig, weakening the structure.
  2. Aim the second angry bird just a tad lower than the first bird. You want it to smash as far into the structure as you can. You want to take out four pigs on the right side of the structure.
  3. Aim the third angry bird in order to weaken the structure right on top of the big pig. It almost seems like this bird was a waste in my pictures and I think the indicated spot should be shifted to the right a little. Anyway, this pig didn’t do too much.
  4. Aim the fourth angry bird into the main structure to take out as many blocks as possible, including the biggest pig.
  5. Aim the fifth angry bird to take out the remaining pig on the left.
  6. Aim the sixth angry bird to take out the remaining pig on the right.
  7. You should have one pig left to give you some bonus points.

If this strategy worked for you, or even if it didn’t, please leave a comment below and let me know.

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41 Responses to Level 3-21 Walkthrough for Poached Eggs in Angry Birds

  1. kat says:

    Did it with only four birds. Three stars. Your score is higher though.

  2. adam says:

    189/189 stars on poached eggs with 3,833,450 points yyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)!!!!!!!!! ¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!!!!!!!!

  3. roden says:

    hahaahah 4 birds and a score of 281211 oh my can’t beleive that score……

  4. Costin says:

    my highscore in 3-21 is 154950 does anyone got more?????i still trying…

  5. Lee says:

    ohh my comment was supposed to be for level 3-20 my bad

  6. Lee says:

    done it ! you can get all three stars using all the birds, you gotta get a score of around 114k tho.

    • leeanne says:

      Lee, I don’t know how u did it I’m still on it. that stupid queen just won’t die any suggestions and I want them from you lee.xxx

  7. Ameenrocks says:

    5 birds and score 132740!!!!!!! better than this walkthrough!!!! (beat that!!!!!)

  8. bhanu says:

    cleared this level with three stars but not able to go to stage 4 any can help

  9. Killer says:

    I beat the high score!
    With 120,190!!

  10. laureneckel says:

    this level was so much easier than 3-20…actually, this level is easier than most of them! I was expecting more difficulty..

  11. someone says:

    I had a better strategy that left me with 3 birds.

  12. adib says:

    I have tried it but my own score is better. (125,145) but my game shows the video and stop and do nothing when I REFRESH the page the last succesfull trial is not save and I can’t go to new level. Any helps?

  13. Xavier says:

    Not sure what game you guys are playing, but here’s my high score…



  14. ashley says:

    I shot thebomb over the structure and down to the tnt and that gets rid of the big pig in the middle.. doesn’t do as much damage but with that i was able toget 3 stars with 3 pigs left!

  15. kathy says:

    Got 134,050 thanks for the walkthroughs on all very helpful

  16. Chris says:

    I had luck and 3 angry birds left. I managed to let the bomb-bird fall down and roll to the tnt underneath the big pig and — BOOM

  17. missy says:

    How do you get the egg at the bottom? Is it a golden egg?

    • tim says:

      No, they aren’t golden eggs. I’ve never seen them “smash” so I don’t know if it’s even possible. My guess would be that since those are your eggs that you’ve been chasing after the whole time, you really wouldn’t want to smash them.

  18. Daxrunner says:

    Your walkthroughs are the best! The text commentary is a very helpful touch.

  19. ron says:

    Don’t rember how I got the three stars, but I got alle the levels with 3 stars now and 3-21 has 3 eggs that is all I need to end the game.
    I’ve got 139950 but can’t seem to get to the eggs……
    anyone got an idea?

  20. ztalash says:

    Tried to follow your example, but somehow I ended up with 3 birds and a score of 120870, hehe. Thx for the help :>

  21. JuanP says:

    Just Got 136,850 only using 3 birds, thats right not a typo 136,850. Was trying it for almost 1/2 an hour though. My wife is pissed at me now…….Oh well. Any one that wants proof let me know.

  22. amir says:

    126,590 = 2 birds left! striking the bricks in my own way…

  23. Lucsias says:

    I got lucky and beat it with TWO birds. Only problem was it was on my GF’s phone not mine…ugh. This level is tough though. On my phone I spent about an hour but managed to get 3 stars…needed all birds for it

  24. Mackenzie says:

    How about I just got 129,810 with 3 birds left AND got all of the extras. (:

  25. i tried viewing your blog through my mobile but the site layout was messed up.is your site not optimized for mobile or is my mobile the problem.i am using sony ericson xperia.

  26. Justin says:

    I just got 3 stars and a score of 129,420 with 1 bird left. It took me a day to beat this level though.

  27. Chip says:

    123,110 using only 4 birds

  28. songyh1996 says:

    lol i got 123730 by doing my way :P

  29. tim says:

    This post has been updated with the correct birds. See if you can beat my top score of 115k!

  30. Kristina says:

    Wrong birds, can you post the correct walkthrough please?

  31. Tai says:

    Just got a score of 127790 and three stars using only three birds. Took me multiple tries, so it could be luck in how the debris falls as much as anything.
    I started by targeting the left brick corner below the middle tower; took out that pig and clipped the tower with the launched bird. Follow up in the same area with the grenade bird; it smashed through far enough to take out most of the castle and the explosion/falling debris killed all but the far left and far right pigs, who slowly rolled off to their deaths a moment later. Launched the last grenade bird at a high angle so it fell right into the king’s chamber and killed him. The explosion ignited the TNT, which took out some of the loot, including the doughnut.
    Sorry that I can’t post pics to be more helpful.

  32. chad says:

    Got a score of 106410 and still did not get 3 stars i think it is impossible, i too have a egg dropper as my first bird, got all the jewels and fatty pigs, no eggs and still no freakin 3 stars!!! WtF

  33. Kim says:

    My version is like Chris’s. On 3-21, my first bird is a white egg-dropper too. I’ve gotten through this level with two birds to spare and still not achieved 3 stars, nor has theme 4 unlocked yet. AAaarrgghh!

  34. ted says:

    you got the birds wrong, chief. need help with this level.

  35. chris says:

    This must be different then android version my first bird is a egg dropper and doesn’t have enough power to kill three pigs barely one. Ive been at 4hours and is giving up for now my eyes can’t handle it way to tough even for one star

  36. Hel says:

    I got a bunch of the extras, tho not all, by dropping one of the exploding birds down underneath. He ran into the tnt, and killed the king and got most of the extras.

  37. Josh says:

    How do you get the extras? Eg the donut, jewels, eggs, and treasure chest?

    • tim says:

      I got all of the extras by launching the third bird (one of the black exploding ones) down there. You should get it to bounce off of the vertical wall and get pretty close to the TNT before it explodes. Of course in order to do this, you have to aim the first two birds differently than I did above so that nothing is covering the hole and you take out a lot of the top of the main structure. No matter what I did though I couldn’t smash the eggs, but I don’t think your supposed to (that would be counter to the plot of the game where you’re trying to save your eggs). All-in-all I found that I still couldn’t get as high of a score as the method that I show you above.

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