Level 3-10 Walkthrough for Poached Eggs in Angry Birds

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This is my walkthrough for the Poached Eggs level 3-10 for the iPhone game Angry Birds.

You can get all three stars in this level by only using three angry birds.

3 10 Level 3 10 Walkthrough for Poached Eggs in Angry Birds

  1. Aim the first angry bird at a high angle so that when it comes down you can smash through at least the two top pieces of glass on the right. You should get both pigs sitting on top, and the pig on the far right.
  2. Aim the second angry bird at the set of wood blocks in order to get the pig on the far right.
  3. Aim the third angry bird and drop his egg right on top of the far right bird. This should get both remaining pigs.

If this strategy worked for you, or even if it didn’t, please leave a comment below and let me know.

If you like this post, please let me know by clicking the +1 button.
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22 Responses to Level 3-10 Walkthrough for Poached Eggs in Angry Birds

  1. BadEnoughDude says:

    This walkthrough was a huge help. Only got two stars, but still it was a great help. To all the morons that complained that this didn’t work, I’m surprised that you made it this far in the game since it’s evident that this game is beyond your abilities.

  2. joe says:

    to every retard that says this walk through doesnt work, i just started playing this game today! and this level troubled me, i stumbled across this walkthrough and it worked first try. anyone ignorant enough to bash someone trying to help your dependent ass needs to suck it easy….peace thnx tim your a pal!

  3. Patrick says:

    You really should show screen grabs of the slingshot with the birds in the position to release them at the right angle. I have tried this hundreds of times and have yet to get all three stars. Even if I try to angle the birds at the same angle, it doesn’t always work. My main issue is the yellow bird. At what angle should I position it in order to take out the wooden blocks and the pig in the third column?

    • tim says:

      Hey Patrick,

      Screenshots like that are nearly impossible to get on the iPhone, but thanks for the suggestion.

      I can understand some of your frustration about things never happening the same way twice. Maybe that’s part of what makes it such a success. It’s just a fact of the game. Some levels I spent weeks trying to beat.

      With the yellow bird, just shoot it high. There are lots of different angles you can take to get it to the right spot. Just aim for the top-right corner of those wooden blocks and you should be able to get the pig on the far right.

      • Patrick says:

        I got it to work the next day. I have it for Android, and haven’t figured out how to do screenshots yet, but I think I managed to get them all by actually using the White Bird. Just had to wait for the exact moment when to release its egg so that it could take out both pigs at the same time.

        Something else, too: If you set off the Blue Bird right as it comes over the far left glass bar (first pig on top), not only will it get both top pigs, but the second pig, if done right, will end up rolling off and hitting the middle bottom pig.

        The really frustrating part of the entire game is that you can get all of the pigs, still have a bird or two left, but not get all three stars in a level. Why? Because you haven’t destroyed all of the building materials!

  4. Jacqueline Chua says:

    Thks for this site! It helped get past this SILLY level, I got it with 3 birds, scored 52430, and got 3 stars!!!

  5. Hollywood says:

    Your awesome I’ve been trying to beat this level for weeks!!!!

  6. Sam says:

    Dude! I couldn’t get it to work EXACTLY like you said, but the tips really helped! It took me several times to get it right, but I appreciate the pointers! Please Don’t stop giving pointers just because some idiot can’t figure out how to play the game! Thank you SOO much!

  7. Mad Guy says:

    This doesnt work it so bad please put a easier way, cause I HATE THIS LEVEL!!!!!111

  8. javad says:

    only one!

  9. ningka says:

    i got this with only 2 birds and scored 56550!

  10. Seanette says:

    Thanks in part due to luck, I did this one in two birds. Bird 1 managed to take out the two top ones, knocking them onto the left two at the bottom in the process, Bird 2 managed to take out both the others. Score 55,140. :)

  11. mike says:

    Does anyone know how to actually do this level as im using all the four birds and only getting two stars

  12. mike says:

    Yet again another walkthrough that is supposed to help you but it DOSENT WORK

    • tequila500 says:

      yet another jerk who thinks because he cant do it that it doesnt work! He is trying to give you tips………..no need to try to insult his tips. JERK! maybe you just SUCK!

  13. squirrelly27 says:

    Awesome advice, thank you!!!!

  14. Marnol says:

    This strategy doesn’t work, I only got two stars using this strategy.

  15. Haylee says:

    YOUR A LIAR!!!!!!! All of the times that ive come to this website for your walkthroughs they havent worked im never using this site again unless im really desperate

    • tequila500 says:

      you’re a LOSER! maybe it’s not the tips that are the problem. perhaps you need to take up another hobby……………gaming certainly isnt one of them!

    • Your Mom says:

      Hush now child, it’s not nice to talk to others that way. Perhaps you need to go to bed, you sound cranky and in need of a nap.

  16. Ashley says:

    This really does work…thanks

  17. Nicholas says:

    Thanks for the tip!

    But, i get the six pigs using only two birds…

    With the first one i got the four of the left and the far right…

    and the last one i got like you’ve teached!

    sorry my poor english (I’m brazilian)!

    Great site!

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