Level 2-9 Walkthrough for Poached Eggs in Angry Birds

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This is my walkthrough for the Poached Eggs level 2-9 for the iPhone game Angry Birds.

You can get all three stars in this level if you use three angry birds.

2 9 Level 2 9 Walkthrough for Poached Eggs in Angry Birds

  1. The first angry bird needs to be launched with a high arc. There are two ways that this one works. The first way is to get the angry bird to hit the two glass blocks, but this is a very hard shot to make, but it gets a better outcome more times than the other. The other way is to shoot the angry bird a little bit further so it hits the slope and then rolls down to rest on the glass blocks. If you go the second route it’s much hard to get the proper outcome. The outcome you want to get is to remove as many blocks as possible. The best is when you clear out the top two rows of blocks all the way to the last vertical column (like you see in the pictures).
  2. The second angry bird doesn’t do a whole lot of good so it’s best to go for damage points with this one.
  3. The last angry bird can be shot right through the wooden block to get the pig.

Please leave a comment and let me know if this strategy worked for you (or didn’t work).

If you like this post, please let me know by clicking the +1 button.
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31 Responses to Level 2-9 Walkthrough for Poached Eggs in Angry Birds

  1. sten says:

    Damn! I did it several times with 3 birds, right in the way you described. But never got more than 26170 points. Not good enough for 3 stars! :-((
    I saw 32270 as you score. So I will keep trying. I once did it ALMOST with just 1 bird, but the stone block just didn’t fall down… Hah.

  2. Clare says:

    OMG HOW AMAZIN AM I DID IT IN 1 GET IN THERE MY SCORE 101,775 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :-) :-) :-). :-) :-) :-) :-)

  3. John says:

    One bird: pull down on the slingshot so that the bird is almost vertical. It will get the pig in one try.

  4. Amber says:

    I just got it! I’ve been trying to get to three stars on this level for (not kidding) a week. I’d tried everything and finally got it on a lucky shot. It was about halfway between the corner block and where the screenshot indicates exploded immediately on impact. One bird and got the pig with a displaced block.
    Sheesh! If I never see this one again, I’ll be totally fine.

  5. Arianna says:

    wow i did it with one bird, my score was 42830!

  6. jason says:

    1 bird+ luck :3 thanks for the tips though :) appreciate all :)

  7. Malee L. says:

    I used only one bird and got 42000. Use that first bird where you did and exploding it on impact gets the best damage radius. It will blow a block into the pig.

  8. Kira says:

    It is actually sort of easy to do this with one bird…if you launch him to where Tim indicated and let him break through into the blocks before you tap the screen then he blows up the entire thing and kills the pig.

  9. Rolando says:

    I did it with one bird out of luck when attempting this strategy :O

  10. brett_empire says:

    few people have claimed to do it with 1 bird, which i definitely cant seem to do…
    however you can easily do it with 2 birds, the 2nd bird can break through if you remove the top 2 rows of blocks. so dont try for points with the 2nd bird, try and kill the pig

  11. Nate says:

    I was able to use only one bird like Ozgoldie did.

  12. Loodle says:

    I love your tips! They’re soo helpful :) I really appreciate all you do to try and help other accomplish the game ANGRY BIRDS!!!!!!!! :) thanks

  13. OzGoldi says:

    I fluked 3 stars & 48560 points with one bird. The bird hit the top of the highest slope, then rolled back down heavily taking out 2 ice blocks. Then when it exploded it took out everything! Quite a wow moment! :-)

  14. j says:

    i have played this level at least 30 times today and i CANNOT beat it… so frustrating!!!!

  15. jakk says:

    I have used your tips quite often, thank you for doing this, you are amazing!

  16. theladyhamlet says:

    Perfect. Thanks!

  17. Louis says:

    As bbq said, use the first one at an angle to make it land on the top wooden square.
    On landing it will explode the wooden square and roll down the glass ones.
    Then blowing up it will scatter all the blocks everywhere and kill that pig!
    Die Die Die !
    PS: 3 stars and 43560pts

  18. Jamie says:

    Again…. Your amazing!

  19. debra says:

    Thanks for the tip. This level was making me scream. I finally managed it but I needed the second explosion, so 2 stars only. I’ll take it!

  20. Gordon Soh says:

    i only used one bird to kill the pig. i used black bird when i fired the bird it hit the outer part abd when it exploded the pig roled towards the left wodden block and hit the floor. you should get 3 stars and 3580 points

  21. bbq says:

    you can beat this level with one bird. Just land the bird at the top corner of the rectangle leading into the cove (the highest square wooden brick). It will should then shoot the bricks down and hit the pig without ever breaking into the cove! It is a hard shot and may take a few tries to get that right spot but worth it with only one bird.

  22. Louis says:

    Just got it!!! Yeahhhh

  23. Louis says:

    Thank you for the tips…I was starting to doubt gatting 3 stars at this level was even possible…still not succeeded but at least I know it IS possible….this blue bird after the first one is really pissing me off…it’s so useless!!!

    • Loodle says:

      This comment is to Louis, you need a better outlook on things! Just remember, JESUS LOVES YOU, and HE lives in your heart if you let HIM in!!! :)

  24. ABAddicted says:

    Wow! It’s the same thing I was trying, but I wasn’t sure it was possible. After reading this I got it done! Thank you so much.

  25. Astrid says:

    Thanks! I finished the game, so now i try to get three stars at every level. You really helped me with 2-9.

  26. Daniel says:

    I just wanted to drop in and say that I by accident succeeded with the same method as David.

  27. David says:

    I was able to get it with one bird. I accidentally miss fired the first bird a bit too long he started rolling down the far right slope and the blast went through the wall with enough force to push the pig into the opposite wall and he popped.

    A lot more luck than skill. But hey, what ever works.

  28. tim says:

    Hey, thanks for the tips! I’ve tried and tried and tried to get it with that one bird and never got lucky enough. It’s good to know that someone was able to get it.

    Glad you enjoy what I do and that it was helpful!

  29. Georgia says:


    Great site! I looked up the three star method for 2-9 and used your method, but I managed to get the pig with the first bird! I angled the black bird as you suggested, but when it blew up it pushed the bottom stone brick out and broke the pig. Though you might be interested and might be able to replicate it?

    Thanks for putting the walkthroughs up, best site I’ve found


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