Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio


In the crate on the bottom right

In the crate on the bottom right

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  1. asha says:

    I like this sight but maybe a little explanation of how to get the awards would help.

  2. Lyn says:

    I just did it on ipod touch. I used the ice bird to get the cages stacked on top of the ice cubes and the big cage to the right out of the way. then I shot the red bird at a very slight angle and it destroyed the box that has the cement block on top of it. the box and cement block destroyed the box on the bottom (the one right next to the golden pineapple). then I used the ice bird to shoot at the last boxes on the bottom right, and the boxes fell from the top and crushed the bottom boxes, along with the golden pineapple.

    • Sam says:

      In reply to Lyn’s comment. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! I followed ur instructions to the letter and got there on the second try. I only used the 3Blue birds to destroy the top crate and then i angled the Red bird the destroy the box with the cement block on it (the red bird bounced up) and destroyed the top crate and they all fell from there. THANKS AGAIN x

  3. Ron says:

    I finally got it after reading Sirax’s comment! I tried like 100 times. I shot the first blue bird up at an angle to get the bird cage on top and the one next to the pineapple crate. Next I shot the red bird barely angled and hit the 2nd crate from the top and it destroyed it and allowed the top one to crush all the lower ones. Got it with 2 bird shot.

  4. Sirax says:

    It works on Android. Took me about 20 tries, but it definitely works.
    You’ve got to make sure you hit only 1 crate with the red one, and of course let all blue ones hit only one crate at a time too.

  5. fun4me says:

    I also can’t get the red nor the grey birds to break the boxes in level 7 of angry birds rio. I have all pine apples except THAT one. Anyone ut there been able to get this one? If so, how was it successfully done?

  6. Jay says:

    I hope the Android version is just defective. I can’t get enough pull on the red bird to break the boxes in the back just as demonstrated in some YouTube video.

    I tried so many times to get that dang pineapple. Hehe

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