Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

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In the game Angry Birds Rio that was release by Rovio Mobile, there are several awards. One of those rewards is to collect 15 golden pineapples in the Smugglers Den. Here are all of the locations I have found so far.

Level 1-2 Golden Pineapple

r 1 2 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

Behind the birds, zoom out and shoot backwards

Level 1-6 Golden Pineapple

r 1 6 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

In the big crate on the far right

Level 1-7 Golden Pineapple

r 1 7 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

In the crate on the bottom right

Level 1-8 Golden Pineapple

r 1 8 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

Zoom out to find the golden pineapple in the package on the right

Level 1-12 Golden Pineapple

r 1 12 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

With the other pineapples in the top right

Level 1-13 Golden Pineapple

r 1 13 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

In the crate on the bottom right

Level 2-1 Golden Pineapple

r 2 1 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

Shoot backwards into the lamp

Level 2-2 Golden Pineapple

r 2 2 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

Use the first few birds to clear out blocks, then shoot the last bird at a high angle to get it from above

Level 2-4 Golden Pineapple

r 2 4 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

Use one of the yellow birds and use it's speed boost to get the crate

Level 2-6 Golden Pineapple

r 2 6 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

Shoot at the first hanging light and get it to swing back into the pineapple

Level 2-7 Golden Pineapple

r 2 7 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

Clear out as many blocks with the first two birds, then use the last bird to smash the crate

Level 2-8 Golden Pineapple

r 2 8 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

Clear a path, then smash the crate

Level 2-10 Golden Pineapple

r 2 10 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

Zoom out and use a yellow bird to hit it. You can shoot high and just hit the chains it's hanging from

Level 2-12 Golden Pineapple

r 2 12 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

On the far right. Knock a triangular glass block over the edge to get it.

Level 2-15 Golden Pineapple

r 2 15 pineapple Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

Behind the launch pad, launch yellow birds backwards and tap to get a small arc

Good luck! If you find any more before I do, please post them in the comments.

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81 Responses to Golden Pineapples in Angry Birds Rio

  1. c2 says:

    G.Pineapple 7: hit the first blue bird at the glass tower to obliterate it, then use the other two birds at a low angle to destroy the boxes…

  2. Bear says:

    How do I get the pineapple in 1-7??

  3. Angry Birds says:

    Was playing Rio the other day and accidentally got a pineapple that was completely out of sight. Cool game addition.

  4. Jaymee says:

    how can i download this game, i like it

  5. Jenny says:

    Sorry dif a mistake, ignore me

  6. Jenny says:

    How to get pineapple in 2-9?

  7. yeaghhhh says:

    Level 2-2 Golden Pineapple wtf =.= q hey developers its not easy…!!!!! =.=a

  8. Jake says:

    guyss helpp mee:( iv got 15 pinapples nd 15 bannanas in smugglers den and jungle escape iv gotten 3 stars for most levels but tel me how do you get to the next level after jungle escape pleasee??D:

  9. patricia says:

    I have got 3 stars in every level…found all pinapples and still have only 14/15. Ughhhhhhhhhhh, what am i missing here? Thanks in advance!!!

  10. Ryan says:

    Yeah, Luke where did you find the missing one I’ve looked through multiple times and have gotten all of them but it only says Ive gotten 14/15

    • Beth says:

      Same thing here. I’ve looked through all the levels about three times, now, and I’ve gotten every pineapple on this list…but I’m only showing 14/15. The one thing that bothers me (not sure if it’s a glitch) is that the box for the pineapple is still showing on 1-8. I smashed it 3 times today, just to check, and nothing came out…so I must have gotten it. This is frustrating.

  11. Bennigan says:

    if you look, the pineapples that arent in plain view are often in a crate or box that has a little label on it.

  12. Joanne says:

    Thanks for providing this. It saved my sanity! You rock!

  13. Elaine says:

    Anyone got the golden bird cage?

  14. Just saying says:

    Hey just pointing out that I have found these 15 also and it says I have 15/15 under the awards section.

  15. Luke says:

    So what happens when you go through all the levels, get all 15 pineapples but it’s only counting 14? i’ve been through the levels numerous times and can’t find the missing one. I went through all the levels on this page numerous times as well and still can’t find the missing one. I’ve got all 15 on this page but it’s only saying i’ve got 14. anyone else had this happen?

  16. Peter says:

    To those wishing for hidden gems in Rio: My advice/suggestion is to wait. My suspicion is that they are working as fast as is reasonable to get Rio out at the same time as maintaining the other suite of Angry Bird games. Also, because Rio is a game partnered with a film company they most likely have a contract/agreement which gives them certain tasks to have completed within a certain window (not like their own software which they can finesse and fine-tune until it’s just right. Adding hidden levels (that show thought behind them) adds an additional burden to the software engineers under most likely an already tight timeline. But then again, they could have just been lazy or apathetic.

    • Birdy says:

      I think you could be right Peter, there is a chance that golden egg style levels will appear in the rewards section eventually.

  17. nick says:

    Um, a golden egg would be nice, but some of the golden eggs in angry birds were lame, lame, lame. Ripping the accordion? I’d just as soon have a star on a pedestal. In fact, figuring out that I could swing the light into the pineapple was sorta cool, cooler than ripping an accordion by far. I have three stars in. All levels of original and rio, and all golden eggs

  18. Rob says:

    There is one on level 1-1 in the light just to the ltop left of the screen

  19. jason says:

    Thanks fir putting all of this together. I got all the stars and all the pineapples on the first level (2,314,800 total score…).

    What are you using for your screen captures? What phone you got?

    • tim says:

      Hi Jason,

      I use an iPhone. All you have to do to get a screenshot is to press the home button and the lock button at the same time. The screen will flash really quick, and the screenshot appears in your image application.

  20. Birdy says:

    I got all the golden pineapples, but what is the point? I go to awards, it says 15/15 but then what?
    I also got 3 star in all of Smugglers, and all I get is a star in a cage.
    Is this what is meant to happen?

    • tim says:

      What exactly do you guys expect? Did you never play the original Angry Birds? The story simply continues, so don’t expect some big display of fireworks and a finale when you get all the bananas.

      • Birdy says:

        And why not? Accomplishments in Angry Birds have been acknowledged through Golden Eggs in the past – can you really blame some of us for feeling disappointed that there is nothing similar in Rio? Part of the challenge inherent in Angry Birds is the struggle to obtain 3 stars in each level etc, and in Rio the addition of finding the Bananas and Pineapples, and then the excitement of uncovering a hidden experience.

        Rio was inconsistent in this aspect and thus disappointing.

        • Billy says:

          Birdy has a very good point – I spent a lot of time trawling for fruit, got all 30 golden fruits now and 3 starred every level – and got bugger all back except a picture of some trophies. Where’s the extra hidden levels?! Rovio are coasting, this feels so barebones and I can’t believe how long the waits are between the new level releases. The golden eggs in Angry Birds & Seasons at least gave you something to play for

  21. llama says:

    very back on 2-12

  22. Happy player says:

    I got m all. I overlooked one..

  23. Angry player says:

    How the hell can anyone find 15 pineapples. I only found 14 and above they also show 14 golden pineapples! WTF

  24. Shado says:

    The only one u r missing is on level 2–12. Way off to the right & down low.

  25. Chris says:

    2-12, you have to let it fall off the stage to right but its right at the side so you have to drop at a 90 degee angle

  26. guuei says:

    there is one on 2-12 bad site boooooooooooo

  27. Bigaction says:

    Go on you tube n watch how to do 1-7 it’s easy once seen.

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  30. shahar says:

    icant get the pinapple in level 1-7
    what i need to do?

  31. MillyMad101 says:

    If you zoom out on 2-12 then there is one in the bottom right hand corner hope this helps will let you know if I find anymore and awesome website by the way keep up the good work

  32. Anna says:

    On level 2-12 it’s on the far right side.

  33. Mike says:

    not sure if this was in the comments yet, but level 2-12: zoom all the way out and the golden pineapple is all the way on bottom right

  34. Britt says:

    2-12. Zoom out. All the way to the right of the screen on the bottom sitting on a single crate.

  35. Helen says:

    2-12 zoom out far right at the base of the crates is a pineapple. My apologizes if this has already been said, I glanced over the comments but didn’t see it listed.

  36. Seppie says:

    Ya, why don’t we get anything for all 15? I’ve got 15 pineapples and 15 bananas.. Nothing.

  37. cocopupo says:

    even if you get all of the pinneaples you dont get antthing ):

  38. Henk says:

    On level 2-12 is the 15th Pineapple.
    It’s all the way to the right. You need to zoom out a lot and it is really hard to hit.

  39. Shea says:

    There is a golden pineapple in level 2-1. It’s above the slingshot on a lamp so you have to scroll out

  40. Amber says:

    I need help with 2-2 it’s the last one for me to get :(

    • tim says:

      That one is a little tough. You have to clear away all the blocks on top of it, then using the last blue bird, arc it up at a pretty high angle so that it will come down into the shaft leading to the crate. Once the bird is in the shaft, you can tap your screen and it should break the crate. Getting the angle right is tricky, but you got to go at it from the top.

  41. Cooper Matson says:

    look on 2-7 it’s buried a bit

  42. Mark says:

    Level 2-7, on the top row of crates
    Level 2-4, on the top of the right hand set of chains
    Level 2-2, bottom right hand side – haven’t got this one yet. It’s tricky.

  43. Mark says:

    Level 2-8, on the top right hand side, in the big cargo box. I’m noticing a pattern; all the pineapples that are in boxes or crates have a label on them.

  44. Rach says:

    @Joe are you talking about 2-15 to use the yellow bird? Cuz if so I still can’t get it.

    And 1-7 I cannot figure out how to get the bottom box. It’s driving me crazy.

    And on page 3 and 4 you’re looking for bananas, not pineapples.

    • Joe says:

      Yes. Pull the yellow bird down in front of the slingshot, arc it up slightly, and wait for it to start falling back. Then accelerate. If you’re in the right place, you get it easy. If not, the yellow bird might roll off the boxes and get it. It took me quite a few times to get it.

    • tim says:

      For 1-7, use the first blue bird, and shoot it just over the top of the purple bird in the cage on the left. As soon as it clears the purple bird, tap your screen. The blue bird should clear out almost everything, leaving a path straight to the crate. You’ll have to use both the red bird and the last blue bird to get to it. Remember with the blue birds, you’ll get more penetration on blocks if you tap the screen right before the bird hits a block. Hope that helps.

  45. Joe says:

    On 2-10, it’s waaaaayy up high on a platform. You have to zoom all the way out to see it at the very top of the screen. All you can see is the bottom of the platform.

    On 2-12, it’s way at the back and bottom of the big stack you’re shooting at. I just found it, now I have to capture it for 15 of 15.

    Just did it, with the little blue bird gently rolling off the back of the stack.

  46. Laura says:

    On level 2-6 it’s actually directly above the “launch pad” …. I still can’t figure out how to get it!


  47. Rach says:

    I don’t remember exactly where I found them, but on page 2 look up in the lights I believe I found 3 or 4 up there. 1 is right above the launching area and how I got it was hitting the lamp so it swings to get it.

    Also, 2-15 I’m pretty sure the pineapple is on the box right to the left of the launching area. If anyone figures out how to get that one. Let me know.

    • Joe says:

      Shoot the red bird, then shoot the yellow bird backwards. I did it with a small arc and then accelerated into it. You can also get the yellow bird to hit the “launch pad” and roll off the back to get it.

    • Stella says:

      2-15, the pineapple, you can use any of the birds, just release a little bit, get birds to hit on the launch pad and roll off the back to get it.
      And level 2-11 how to get 3 stars??

    • MLD says:

      I got the pineapple on 2-15 by aiming the red bird straight down, which caused it to bounce to the left a little. It hit the side of the box holding the pineapple, causing the box to scoot clear over to the left! Once the box was over there, it was really easy to aim the yellow bird at it.

  48. JRZ3472 says:

    On 2-1 Its on the first light … you’ll have to do a backwards shot to get it

    • Vandaliam says:

      I couldn’t get it with a backwards shot, I had to hit the light and make it swing back to get the pineapple.

  49. JRZ3472 says:

    On Level 1-2 its behind the birds… zoom out & you’ll see it

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